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Information about MIZZLE tires

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Banteng Pratama Rubber has been established since 1981. And the focus to manufacture tires and motorcycle tires with the brand “Mizzle” since 1995.


The first factory PT. Banteng Pratama Rubber located in Coventry with a land area of +/- 10 acres, and continues to grow rapidly in 2006, which already operates two factory at the same location. The number of employees of PT. Banteng Pratama until now numbering more than 2,000 people with the skills and work experience are very adequate and professional.


Initial mission to introduce the trend of International motorcycle tires to Indonesia with the latest technology. Which at the time was a trend developing with the type of slick tires with tread type. One of the tires made at the time was the tires M 500.

In further developments made in the type of tubeless tires that use advanced technology. This is because not all tire manufacturers can make tubeless tires, in 1992 the tubeless tire only be made overseas. Then at that time Mizzle known as Motorcycle Tubeless Tire Manufacturers first, which is produced in the country, with the first type of M 700.

Until now it produces more than 30 kinds of developments that are divided various sizes, including the Power VTX tire specialist rain / wet roads as well as the Super Sport which is a special tire Racing and Road Race. In 2008 this Mizzle issued four new products to size 17 “including M89, M88, Vetra and Draco. For type M 89 and Draco are also available in sizes 14 “. And in 2009, Mizzle again presents two new developments with Type Maxxpro (tubeless) and Taranis (Tubetype). For type Taranis, Mizzle provide size 14 “and 17″.


Some standardization has been obtained by Mizzle tire which is a recognition of products and quality, recognition both from within and outside the country. Based on the obtained standardization enables tire Mizzle could be exported abroad. Of the basic standards for domestic tire manufacturers in Indonesia such as the SNI (Standard Nationalization Indonesia) has been obtained in 1997. While the recognition from outside as European standards, Mizzle get E.4 and DOT (USA). And in the course of its business, PT. Banteng Pratama Rubber obtain and implement a quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 so that indicators of success as effectively as possible can be achieved in accordance with the company’s goals.

Distribution Network

At this time Mizzle tire distribution network has spread all over Indonesia, through a network of 27 distributors and representatives. Which of course, over time, the National Mizzle distribution network will continue to grow and thrive. For Foreign network, Mizzle products already distributed in Malaysia, the Philippines, Colombo, Ghana and Greece, through import-export division of PT. Banteng Pratama Rubber available at this time.


At this time the development of production and improving the quality of production is one that continues to be developed by the tire Mizzle. Besides, consumer satisfaction ban users Mizzle always been a primary concern continues to be achieved by the tire Mizzle for now and in the future. So as to make the tire Mizzle a formidable company and strong competitive in national and international markets.